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Turbo Cooker Plus
Price: $84.99
Sale Price: $75.99

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George Foreman Grill


Cooking: Turbo Cooker Plus

Cook healthy, satisfying, 3-course meals in 15 min and under!! Want your table to look like this? Now it can in 15 min. or less with the new... Turbo Cooker

Item #: 801792
Weight: 9 Lbs.
Categories: Cooking

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Cook healthy, satisfying, 3-course meals in 15 min and under!!

Want your table to look like this? Now it can in 15 min. or less with the new...

Turbo Cooker PLUS!

The new Turbo Cooker PLUS! system is the first to integrate so many types of cooking into one easy package.

You won't find another product anywhere that can do all that!!

With its innovative design, new cooking possibilities are opened to everyone from the experienced chef to the beginning cooks!! It is so easy, yet so delicious.

Because of the Turbo Cooker PLUS! design, you are able to replace oil with the liquid of your choice, without fear of burning your meal. This will enable you to bring out the flavor of the food rather than oil, as well as give your meals a new healthy twist!

With this all-in-one system you can:

  • broil
  • boil
  • fry
  • steam
  • braise
  • stew
  • and much more!!

The amazing Turbo Cooker PLUS! can save you time!!!

  • cook a 4- person, 3- course meal all at once

  • cook without any flavor transference, so you can cook chicken, fish, and steak all at the same time

  • cook frozen meats and vegetables without having to first be defrosted

  • cut preparation time nearly in half

  • uses Dupont Teflon for easy cleaning!

By now you are asking yourself, how is this all possible, the answer is steamfrying. An oxymoron you say, not anymore, find out more on how the two have been combined.

With you Turbo Cooker PLUS! System, you get all this!!!

The base unit is made from high quality aluminum so that it heats evenly and quickly throughout. The interior is coated with Dupont Teflon™ and the exterior is finished with a high heat resistant material. This combination makes the pan as easy to clean on the outside as it is on the inside. Two grooves are designed into the top ledge: one to hold the Turbo Cover and form the vapor seal and the other to contain the Steam Rack.

What makes The Turbo Cooker™ pan so efficient is this uniquely designed straight-sided domed cover. This proven and tested item is more than just a cover. It is designed to fit into a specific ledge in the pan, which together, form a vapor seal that locks in and circulates the power of the steam to make the Steamfrying™ method possible. No other cover works quite this efficiently.

Easy to use, the Turbo Timer fits conveniently into the steam valve on the Turbo Cooker ™ Plus dome lid. Or, you can remove it and take it with you while you are cooking, so you don’t have to stand over the stove the whole time. It beeps to let you know when your meal is ready, or that you need to go to the next step in your recipe and will automatically reset to the last programmed setting. It can even be used as a stopwatch, so remember: “When you Turbo Time it, you don't have to mind it.”

This Steam Rack allows for multiple levels of cooking, re-heating, baking and preparation of full course meals. The Steam Rack fits into its designed groove and is easily placed into and removed from the pan.

In a flash, you can add a third level ideal for cooking, re-heating, baking, and preparation, giving the Turbo Cooker ™ Plus a “new dimension” of versatility. Designed to hold bit sized vegetables like corn, peas, beans, and frozen mixed vegetables, this stack rack can be used on its own or with the original steam rack. The all stainless steel design prevents rusting and makes clean-up a breeze. And with Chef Randall’s revolutionary rack locking system, you can lock both racks together for quick one-step removal from the base, providing you with easier, more convenient use.

A full 10" Baking Pan makes it possible for you to bake a cake, make a soufflé or simply use the Spring Form Pan to hold ingredients (or leftovers) during the cooking process. And because it’s a Spring Form Pan, removing and cooling cakes is a breeze.

Do you want to make your own recipe? Do you have a family favorite that is not included in the recipes provided? Simply look in the Quick & Easy Cooking Guide, find the foods you are interested in and follow the instructions. With a little bit of practice you will soon be serving interesting and tasty meals of your own creation.

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