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Instant Flower Garden
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Roll N Grow


Miscellaneous: Instant Flower Garden

Beautify your garden in an instant! InstantFlower Garden Gardening has never been easier, quicker, orcleaner than it is now. The Instant Flower Gardenis a revolutionary idea,

Item #: IFG
Weight: 2 Lbs.
Categories: Miscellaneous

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Beautify your garden in an instant!

Flower Garden

Gardening has never been easier, quicker, or
cleaner than it is now. The Instant Flower Garden
is a revolutionary idea, where the seeds are pre-planted, making gardening
absolutely effortless. What is the Instant Flower Garden
exactly? The Instant Flower Garden is a roll of
biodegradable fiber that is made with the seeds already placed in the fiber.
This means no digging is required. Plus, the Instant
Flower Garden can be cut into smaller pieces so it can be used in
planting window boxes, as well as separate sections in the yard, enlivening
every part with beautiful flowering color.

Follow these easy steps

  1. Loosen the soil- using a garden rake, select a sunny
    location and rid your soil of large clumps.

  2. Unroll- unroll the fiber roll over the prepared, wet soil.

  3. Water- immediately after unrolling, the Instant Flower
    Garden should be watered thoroughly.

  4. Keep Moist- The roll should not be allowed to dry out, until
    the first seedlings appear.

  5. Enjoy- Within weeks you will be able to enjoy a beautiful,
    blooming garden.

Your Instant Flower Garden Includes:

Fragrant Mixture-

  • 14ft x 14.5in roll

Includes such flowers as:

  • zinnia

  • candytuft

  • dwarf stock

  • dianthus

  • wallflower

  • dwarf coreopsis

Thumbelina Mixture-

  • 4ft x 14.5in roll

spring show in your garden with the new Instant Flower Garden!

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