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Wellness: OptiWhite

OptiWhite - Professional Tooth Whitening System OptiWhite®Professional Tooth Whitening System Kit Contains:4 oz. Professional Strength Tooth Whitening Gel2 Custom

Item #: DWX-500
Weight: 1 Lbs.
Categories: Wellness

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OptiWhite - Professional Tooth Whitening System

Professional Tooth Whitening System

Kit Contains:
tag4 oz. Professional Strength Tooth Whitening Gel
tag2 Custom Comfort Trays
tagComplete Instructions

tagProfessional Strength
tagSuper Whitening
tagSame Active Ingredients Used by Dentists
tagFast Acting

Befor OptiWhite and After OptiWhite

The Optiwhite® Professional Tooth Whitening System was developed by dentists to whiten teeth, reduce plaque and fight tartar build up. Optiwhite is mint flavored, and formulated with professional strength 10% carbamide peroxide, the same active ingredient used by dentists to whiten teeth. Optiwhite is super whitening and fast acting for a beautiful smile.

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1 5 out of 5 stars by on October 8th 2013


Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

Pros: Whitens teeth fast. Results immediately. Doesnt hurt gums or teeth. The cost was low so everyday people could get whiter teeth.

Cons: The only con to this product is the fact that I can not seem to find it in retail stores or online anymore. I love this product and wish I could find it.

2 5 out of 5 stars by on December 8th 2012


Length of ownership: more than 1 year

Pros: I have been using this for years. Now, of course, I cannot find it in stores anymore! :( Walgreens used to carry this for only $10. It's the only product that instantly whitens your teeth in the very first use! With all the high priced whitening systems out there today, I guess they took this one off of the shelves! :( Ihighly recommended this product to everyone! You will NOT be disappointed!!!

Cons: No real cons. Be careful to not bite through the trays when forming them to your teeth. Follow the enclosed instructions closely.

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