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7 Day Smoke Away
Price: $59.95

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Smoke Away


Wellness: 7 Day Smoke Away

7 Day Smoke Away helps you kick the habit with the 7 day smoke away. 7 Day Smoke Away Complete 3 Part System Still Smoking? Ready to Quit?

Item #: SA001
Weight: 1 Lbs.
Categories: Wellness

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7 Day Smoke Away helps you kick the habit with the 7 day smoke away.

7 Day Smoke Away

Complete 3 Part System

Still Smoking? Ready to Quit?

Complete 3 Piece Basic System

- Freedom Formula 1
- Freedom Formula 2
- Freedom Formula 3
- Living Smoke-Free Booklet

Your product is wonderful, it did everything promised and after 35 years I have given up the habit. - Naderah

-Do you want to quit smoking? - Have you tried to quit before BUT you are still smoking right now? - Are you concerned that putting nicotine back in your body with patches and gum is unhealthy and addictive?

The 7 Day Smoke Away System includes three natural formulas for nutritional and aromatherapy support. This system will give you nutritional support while you change your habits. Many of these herbs have been around for hundreds of years!

The 7 day Smoke Away System's herbal formulas are believed to temporarily reduce your desire to smoke while you change your lifestyle and become Smoke Free. The 7 Day Smoke Away program's Aromatherapy formulation infuses an herbal scent designed to provide a sense of relaxation and calm while dealing with the stress and tension of trying to quit. Carry it with you for calming effect during times of high stress as an alternative to the inhalation of cigarette smoke. Instead of lighting up- you treat yourself to the cool soothing smells of eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary. It's amazing how something like this could be so easy!

Stop Smoking and save over $8000!!

It is estimated that you could potentially save $8000 dollars in five years. What would you do with an extra $8000? See below to view how much you could save!

Packs/Day 1 Month 6 months 1 Year 5 years
½ Pack You Save

$ 67.50

$ 410.63

$ 821.25

$ 4106.25

1 Pack You Save

$ 135.00

$ 821.25

$ 1642.50

$ 8212.50

1½ Pack You Save

$ 202.50

$ 1215.00

$ 2463.75

$ 12318.75

2 Packs You Save

$ 270.00

$ 1642.50

$ 3285.00

$ 16425.00

2½ Packs You Save

$ 337.50

$ 2053.13

$ 4106.25

$ 20531.25

3 Packs You Save

$ 540.00

$ 3245.00

$ 6490.00

$ 32450.00

Would you give a drug addict more heroin if you were trying to help him to quit. Would you give an alcoholic a beer to help him to quit? Would you give an obese person chocolate cake and ice cream to help him lose weight?? The big drug companies want you to use their expensive patches and nicotine gum, which merely put nicotine back into your body? Why continue to put nicotine back in your body!?

7 Day Smoke Away is a one week supply of natural supplements and aromatherapy. We believe this is the ultimate jumpstart for a new healthy lifestyle Many consumers may need to continue with the maintenance program for additional support. In order to achieve maximum results make the psychological commitment to Quit! The more focused your mind is on kicking the habit the better your chances are of succeeding! Good luck and lets get healthy! These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always see your licensed health care professional for proper diagnosis and treatment. These results are atypical your results may vary.

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1 5 star rating5 out of 5 stars by on April 19th 2009

7 Day Smoke Away

Length of ownership: more than 1 year

Pros: I just want to say this worked for me. The tablets must have assisted me but I think the herbal essence helped more than anything. Put a little under my nose to relax, breathe and the urge passes. I have been smoke free thanks to this product since July 4, 1992. Thank you and thank God

Cons: I really don't remember having any cons

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